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Personal health and wellness is top of mind, now more than ever before. Over the past year, Kannaway has been hard at work collaborating with foremost experts to craft new phenomenal products that can’t be found anywhere else on the market.

We'll be introducing not just one, but TWO, new product lines. Our first new line features three new revolutionary products that are meant to support Evolve, our eight-week health and fitness program that supports people on their journey to a more fulfilling life by focusing on food, movement, and sleep. But there's also a second new groundbreaking product line coming that will remain secret for now!

Featured Speakers

Stephen Jones
President, Kannaway

Blake Schroeder
CEO, Kannaway

Stuart Titus
Founder, Kannaway

Justin Stephens
Senior Director of Operations, Kannaway

Dan Miller
Fitness & Nutrition Expert, Kannaway

“Attending Events is a great way to meet not only your long-distance teammates but also others from around the globe. My favorite part is probably the education and training, especially when rolling out new products, back-office features, etc. And the lifelong friends we have made through Kannaway is something we will forever be grateful for!”

Mary Sides

“Everyone who’s part of Kannaway should attend Events for every reason you can think of; team building, meeting other Brand Ambassadors, learning about hemp advancements, hearing about new product launches and incentives, deals on products, celebrating successes and to be inspired!”

Melanie Smith

“Not only does Kannaway offer you the chance to participate in the legal cannabis boom, it offers you the opportunity to do it with one of the market leaders on research and development. All of this married with people that really care. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. ”

Paul Gavaghan

“I love everything about Kannaway, and the people involved – from research, product development, marketing, training, to shipping & customer service. Kannaway’s Brand Ambassador’s rock too! Meeting other Kannaway members and hearing their stories fuels your desire to reach out and help others.”

Missy Garrison

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