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“The salve cream that I applied to my knees and lower back. After the first use I could tell the difference."

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Former American football safety Dexter Jackson played in the NFL for 10 years, winning Super Bowl XXXVII and earning Super Bowl MVP accolades in 2002 while a part of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Dexter was drafted by the Buccaneers in the 4th round of the 1999 NFL Draft and became a fulltime starter for them in 2001 before going on to also play for the Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals. Over his decade-long career in the NFL, he made 456 tackles and 17 interceptions. Before his NFL days, Dexter was a two-sport athlete for the Florida State Seminoles, playing football and running track as an underclassman.

Following his professional career, Dexter went on to coach college football and continues to teach young athletes today. He also began a sports radio show and worked for Mental Health Care, Inc., a non-profit children’s crisis center in Tampa. Today he’s a Sports and Youth manager at Tampa Housing Authority, an agency aimed at providing quality, affordable housing opportunities.

As one would expect for an athlete who spent so many years playing professional football, Dexter’s body felt pretty banged up even after he retired. He continues to experience soreness and stiffness, particularly in his back and knees.

Dexter was introduced to Kannaway CBD products by a former NFL player who is also a Kannaway Brand Ambassador. He was initially skeptical about hemp CBD oil, particularly with all the buzz around its natural benefits.

“At first I thought it was a gimmick,” Dexter explains, “You know, just people jumping on it.”

He figured there was no hurt in trying it out. After receiving and trying out Kannaway samples, he became a believer. He started with the Kannaway Salve, a topical hemp oil that can be applied right to the areas Dexter feels need attention.

“The first night, I didn’t feel it right away. But, I could tell something was happening … About midway during the night, I woke up, and was like, ‘whoa, my soreness is gone, what happened to the soreness? My knee feels good.’”

After those initial improvements from the first night of use, Dexter made a dedicated effort to be consistent with the Salve, applying it every day for two weeks.

“And I just started feeling better and better. My knee,” he says.

Impressed with the Kannaway Salve, he went on to try the Kannaway Gold Premium Hemp Oil, a filtered, full-spectrum hemp oil with a high concentration of CBD that’s used under the tongue and encourages overall wellness. It’s now a part of his everyday life.

“This Kannaway product has helped me gain my life back,” Dexter explains. “Not to say I wasn’t doing anything, but when I do stuff I don’t have the same soreness.”

To everyone considering hemp CBD oil for themselves, Dexter says, “I recommend you try this.”

"From pro athletes, to the weekend warrior, to everyday people looking for a way to supplement their system and improve performance, Kannaway offers all athletes the chance to take their workout and exercise plans to the next level.”

Nick Lowery – Athlete and sport director from Kannaway

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